Tales of Many: Scars and Hearts
ToM SaH 1 -cancelled- by AConnor72
September 24th, 2018, 11:50 pm
Short answer: Tales of Many: Scars and Hearts 1 is cancelled but will have a rebooted, I don't know when

Long Answer: There are two reason why this is cancelled. Pokemon and not planning it out.

Let start with Pokemon (or Pokemon mystery dungeon) because it's probably shorter.(I don't know)
They are both good series, I mostly love to play both of them.But,this series isn't base all around these video games. I want to continue making this series and not to have copyright up my neck. What I mean is that I want to complete Tales of Many in any many ways,like a movies or animation(hopefully). Plus this series has a element that I created that can help make sense with the series. I'm not saying that I wouldn't continue drawing anything related to Pokemon or Pokemon mystery dungeon nor do I hate my comic that I make.

Now on to the second reason, Not planning it out.
When I first started making both ToTC and ToM Sah 1, I had the story's plot in my head and not in places where I can see where it went like a online or on paper. The stories was just like a tornado, messy and going to different places. For example, the towns in Sah were made on the spot like how there was a shop right in front of Ross's home in chapter 1 and in chapter 2, not there. Plus, I wanted to make Chi Town bigger.But it ended up with the chi town you see in chapter 2. Another example was that I didn't know when to switch characters in chapter 2. I was confused of when Conner would stop and it would be Connor's turn while drawing the last comic and try to make sense of it. Also, SaH would be like ToTC bu some of the characters have been swapped out.

I'm just taking a break for uploading stuff and taking my time(trying to) and changing both the setting and characters for the next reboot. I don't know when I'll start the next story and what it would look like. School is getting hard for me currently to get back into my old schedule. I'll try to make a sort of pilot to the comic. A.k.a a story on side characters just for practice.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you understand whats happening.